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Nankang AR-1 100TW Tire

Nankang AR-1 100TW Tire

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Leading the industry in quality, reputation and research & development, makes Nankang a company recommended by clients and on track teams from around the globe.


>>Nankang AR1 tires are a 100 wear rating, DOT Semi Slick tire.  It provides super sticky rubber to be used mainly on the track although it is DOT legal.  
Mileage will not be good on the street compared to a normal road tire  
BUT the performance is true race car quality.  
If you want the fastest lap you can do, then the AR-1 is the tire for you. — Super Fast with less tire life.

Over the last couple years, the AR-1 has been proving itself as a considerable option in Europe among several race series.  New for 2019 is the Nankang AR-1's arrival to the USA.  There is a new and improved version of the compound for the US-market featuring a 100tw rating. 

You will not be able to purchase these from common tire retailers.  The AR-1 will only be available through select motorsport shops.  

Limited quantity will be available in select sizes.  

New sizes are coming soon. 

Shipping - $44 PER TIRE to lower 48!

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